Blogger's Favorites -- Mary Swenson of Pretty Good and T. Ruffles

image via mary's incredibly lovely blog pretty good

As promised, this week's list belongs to the other half of the genius team behind T. Ruffles, Ms. Mary Swenson (or as she's affectionately called in some circles, Mary Ruffle)... Like Karey, Mary and I met through Kirtsy, and I can safely say she is one of the kindest, loveliest and most talented (seriously her photography is beyond stunning) ladies in blog land.

So without further ado, Mary's list. Enjoy all the perfection that are her favorites and have a splendid weekend!

I first spotted the Harper’s Bazaar Russia editor on The Sartorialist, and thus began my frenzied search to find as many pictures of this little fashionista as possible on the internet so that I could study her look. I covet her hair, her extensive collection of tights, and her cool confidence spiked with just the right dash of adorableness.

Shoes make me extremely happy. And my friends will confirm that my inventory consists of only two types: the highest, most impractical heels possible, and flip flops. Lately, though, a third type has elbowed its way into my closet: the wedge. They look great with jeans and cute with casual skirts (the suede pair, above, from Anthropologie makes me drool), and even mid-heeled styles (like the adorable red pair by Report) are the perfect way for me to get my heel fix even when I’m running to the grocery store. And though I’m an expert in teetering around atop four inches, doing so in a pair of wedges is far more comfortable.

Forget what I just told you about shoes. My real weakness is ceramics. I love bowls, platters, cups, and pitchers and have the over-crowded cabinets to prove it. My current wishlist includes these handle-less pitchers and single-stem vase from Ceramicpix, and a pair of perfect spouted bowls from gleena{shop}.

I could take or leave chocolate. And, as a general rule, I leave it (I’m a salt-lovin’ girl, you see…) But sometimes, even a dessert-averse person like myself can be swayed by sugar and vanilla and raspberries. And when I saw this yogurt cake with raspberry currant sauce in the August 2009 issue of the late, great Gourmet, I was swayed. I’m waiting for just the right opportunity to indulge.

I’m an avid fan of do-it-yourself, even though I’m often just cheering from the sidelines. But ever since I saw the amazing sign Amanda Johnson made and read how easy it was to make on her blog, I’ve resolved to make one of my own, and I’m currently obsessed with figuring out exactly what it’ll say.

Here’s what I do as often as possible: I buy a bouquet of fresh flowers, take it home, split it up between random little bottles, cups, vases, jars (whatever I’ve got handy), and scatter them around the house. (And then I take pictures of them. Because photographing flowers is my all-time favorite thing to do.) This little ritual is not only relaxing and fun for me, but it’s hands-down my favorite way to display flowers -- see how casually pretty they look in this photo by Steven Myers Photography (via Once Wed)?

Emilie79*’s photographs are, like, whoa. They’re moody, pretty, and often layered with scraps of other photos and simple words to create amazing little pieces of art. This girl’s a genius, in my book.

Speaking of genius. And words. And photos. Last-but-never-least on my current list of favoriti is collaborating with one of the most unique voices in blogging – my partner-in-crime, Karey Mackin. We’ve started here. But it’s only the beginning. And that, my friends, makes me downright giddy.


karey m. said...

mmmmm. i'm smiling way too hard to write something just right.

this. was. perfect.

how could i like you more? weird.

mary s. said...

Hooray! xo

(And thanks again, Jos, for including me in this series...among such awesome company!)

Cindy said...

i really enjoy all that mary touches, including her wonderful list. emilie79*’s photography is new to me and so lovely. enjoy your weekend!

paula said...

Her list was brilliant. I think she and I would make great friends.

Tina said...

awesome favs. I especially love the last.

Anonymous said...

Hurrah for Mary Ruffle! I especially love that sign, too - even I could make it (I think) and want to so much. I, too, need the perfect phrase - maybe I will paint mine in Mary's signature robin's egg blue shade!

Mrs.French said...

of course I would love her favorite...she is one of mine and so are you...favorites all aroud! xo t

Anonymous said...

I made my own Amanda Johnson inspired headboard! Mine says "Si Vis Amari, Ama." which means if you wish to be loved, love.

good luck! it's so super easy. if you have trouble finding vinyl, I just printed out letters on resume paper, cut them out and taped them down with double sided tape.. did the trick!

mary s. said...

onlypassingthrough: Thank you so much for your advice about the letters...that's a really great idea! :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Oh Mary, you are so lovely and all of your faves? Have become my faves too! You are a gem and I am so happy I know of you....via wonderful Karey of course! :)

Ariel Gordon said...

I love that sign too!!

I wanted to let you know I gave you a little bit of blog love. You one of my daily reads. Keep up the great work :)


Shauna Younge Dessert Tables said...

I agree completely! That vanilla raspberry cake could make any salt lover a sugar convert.

Anonymous said...

I made the sign- I wanted mine to say the same thing though. I found an old piece of scrap wood, purchased some stencils and black paint. I love it!