Blogger's Favorites -- Jamie of I Suwanee

image via I Suwanee

Jamie is a seriously funny lady...

So funny in fact that I've found myself (on more than one occasion) casually reading one of her excellent blog posts about, say...a genius ebay find (she can find a killer rug on ebay like nobody's business), or some insanely clever window treatment she's whipped up out of Urban Outfitters tapestries and laughing. out. loud.

Funny would be enough, as I rate it pretty high on my list of admirable traits, but she's also got a great eye, isn't afraid to take risks and can put together a killer room...endlessly inspiring.

So without further ado, Jamie's favorites. Enjoy and have a lovely weekend!


Finding hidden treasures on ebay...


Painted furniture - It's always one of a kind!




Dogs in cars. they make me squeal...


Fancy cocktails from my favorite chapel hill restaurant Lantern.


Hurricanes. but really just weather in general. tracking, predicting, anticipating.


Finding sea glass. extra points for blue!


sweet sunday said...

what a great list. I just went to Lantern a few weeks ago with my sisters. I live at the beach but am willing to travel 2 hours to go there... so good!

Sarah said...

That trio of doggies is just fantastic. Thanks for the chuckle.

Kim said...

Anybody with hurricanes on a favorites list has got to be pretty funny! Enjoyed this week's list -- as always!!!

style-for-style said...

lovely, I'm heading over right now

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Lindsey said...

Love the sea glass. And the dogs are adorable.

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Anonymous said...

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Ana Degenaar said...

Lovely! I took a peek and I'm heading back to see more, thanks for sharing...

angela hardison said...

she really is hilarious - always makes me laugh!

À Chacun Ses Goûts said...

Awesome post; always love a "favourite things" list :-)

A Wedding Story said...

That purple table speaks to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

Petit Elefant said...

I'm very partial to sea glass myself.


melissa loves said...

Awesome! Jamie does have an AMAZING eye for vintage finds on ebay! Love these faves, especially dogs in cars! I love them too!