Blogger's Favorites -- Leya of Curious Bird

I've long been a fan of the author of this week's list, Leya's lovely, soulful blog Curious Bird. I peek in daily to gather inspiration from her daily life, as whether she's creating art, sewing, cooking or sharing a daily ritual, she and her husband lead an existence that is truly purposeful and artful.

Her list is just as lovely as her blog. Enjoy and have a most splendid weekend!

p.s. I have a new piece up on Renegade Bus today about tomorrow's White Rock Local Market. If you live in Dallas, be sure to go!

Photo Booths -- Stepping into a photo booth has been a favorite of mine since sometime in late elementary school. My first experience was with my cousin during a stop at Circus Circus in Vegas! We were on our way to the Grand Canyon with our families. We had so much fun in that booth, but not near as much fun trying to split up the four photos that popped out. Ever since that experience, I never pass up a photo booth (I know where each one is located in Philadelphia -- there are three!) and I always do two strips when I'm with a friend. Lesson learned.

Homemade and Natural Body Care Products -- I love making my own body care products. Being able to make the scent exactly what I like makes it all the more worth it to me. When not experimenting with creating my own products, I love brands like MyChelle, Suki, Dr. Hauschka, and Nvey.

Vintage Jewelry -- I really love vintage and vintage-inspired necklaces. I certainly don't wear one every day, but anything chunky and colorful is always a favorite find at tag sales and thrift stores.

Camping Trips with My Husband -- We love camping together or with friends. Having lived in Oregon, California, and North Carolina (each of which has great camping spots) we have discovered how to pull off a pretty sweet camp out. Three extra things I always include when packing: a lightweight table cloth, some tea lights, and a deck of cards.

Our Wedding Blanket and Quilt -- part of our wedding ceremony included a Cherokee wedding blanket ritual. My paternal grandfather is Cherokee, which means I am too. During the ceremony, my husband and I were wrapped in a blueish blanket to symbolize and celebrate our union, and at the end of the ceremony, we walked down the aisle together wrapped in our blanket. It is of course very special to us and is from a wonderful company owned by the parents of a good friend. Also, after the wedding, I used all of the table runners from the dinner to create a wedding quilt -- my husband even helped me sew some of it -- It's a wonderful wedding memento too.

Letter and Note Writing Supplies -- I really enjoy writing notes and letters. It is something I try to do as often as I can. Having lovely paper, cards, and a good pen is a must for me. A few of my favorite designers of cards and stationary are: mbmb, good on paper, blue snail papers, and lala dex press.

The Smell of Sandalwood, Amber, and Jasmine -- I’ll take these scents in any form -- essential oil, a candle, or incense. I love Body Time essential oil and Kobo soy candles.

Sharing Dessert -- this one is pretty self-explanatory.

Cameras -- It can be my digital SLR, holga, my duraflex for TTV shots, or my trusty Nikon FM2. Whichever it may be, I always carry a camera with me. I've found that using one of these instead of a camera bag works really well for protecting my camera in my shoulder bag.

Preserving and Canning -- pickling is my new addiction. I love pickled carrots, okra, and grapes and I really enjoy the whole process of pickling. More plans in the works, especially for the holiday season.

Summer -- I love being outdoors and have the good fortune of spending a big portion of my summers in the Catskill Mountains. Getting out of the city and into the cool lake for a swim or a canoe ride is perfection to me.


Color Me Green said...

i love her photos. they're making me sad i haven't been camping yet this summer. heading over to check out her blog now!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

such wonderful things...i had completely forgotten about the body time's essential oils, but they're a little slice of heaven!

Sallie said...

Love the story of your wedding blanket and wedding quilt. What a beautiful way to keep memories.

Katie said...

This list totally charmed me! I love every single thing she listed, especially the wedding memento, camping, dessert, and photo booths. It's clear that Leya has a knack for savoring life's sweetest and simplest joys.

And Joslyn -- Great piece over at Renegade Bus! I've been looking forward to this month's WRL Market for several weeks... and I'm bringing my husband and some friends along with me!

mylene said...

I love this! I'm probably just being dense, but Leya says "I've found that using one of these instead of a camera bag." Using one of what? I'm always looking for a way to avoid camera bags!

Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

You always introduce us to such lovely people! Beautiful and inspiring post indeed!

audrey neal said...

thanks for the list -- I'm heading to San Francisco next week and now I think I need to see if there are any photo booths in the city. :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful list! thanks!

. said...

This is an awesome list. Thanks for sharing!


Callie Grayson said...

fabulous list.

orange sugar home said...

rituals and lists of things we love...these are great things that keep us joyful. what a wonderful reflection! thanks.

Melissa Blake said...

People need to stop tempting me with etsy! :)

Joslyn said...

Melissa -- i know! it's so dangerous

Anonymous said...

photobooths are my favorite.

You can go here to find the closest photobooths near you:


lillie said...

leya, love each one of your favorite things. and beautiful photos to match!

lauren said...

if you took all these photos i think i want you to be my new best friend because i just love them. and i love these things you love:
french, estate sales,70s pottery,Thelonious Monk (although i am partial to Charles Mingus), wood bowls and well vintage!