Food + Shoes

Our weekend can be pretty much summed up in two words -- Eating and Shopping. And the shopping was a direct result of the eating. Well, sort of.

It all started out innocently enough with brunch on Saturday. Erin and Ben arrived, and while the boys responsibly drank iced coffee, Erin and I immediately tucked into mimosas. After croque madames, baby lettuce and yellow tomato salad and yes, more mimosas, our plans for a post-brunch bike ride were swiftly replaced with a sudden urge to go shoe shopping.

Trust me on this, don’t go shoe shopping after several mimosas, I’m just saying.

I was semi-responsible and purchased shoes for Bryan and Mille, both essentials, as their current every-day shoes are literally falling apart, but then I also got a pair for myself that were not in any way essential… I’ll show them to you on Thursday.

The rest of the day was basically more debauchery. We planned to have dinner at Erin and Ben’s house later that night (we apparently couldn’t get enough of them), so during Millie’s afternoon nap, Audrey and I cranked up the Vampire Weekend (our music of choice for cooking) and while Bryan made homemade cherry almond ice cream we baked this insanely yummy chocolate cake to contribute to dinner. (Audrey used a knife for the first time, cutting the butter into perfect dice shaped cubes…she was awfully excited.)

Dinner was pan-fried steak and roasted cauliflower with a little salsa verde that Erin recreated from A Homemade Life. Yes two Molly recipes in one night… what can I say, they’re always good!

In attempt to redeem ourselves a bit, we went on an epic bike ride on Sunday with the girlies that seriously almost killed me and then (to continue in our virtuousness) made a summer salad of arugula, yellow tomatoes and watermelon that was so freakin good I’m going to give you the recipe below + I made Alice Water’s carrot soup -- not exactly a summer dish but so, so good.

There you have it friends, our week-end -- Food, food, food....and shoes.

Summer Salad (this is something I made up, so experiment with quantities):

Top baby lettuce and arugula in equal parts with:
  • Small chunks of seedless watermelon
  • Small yellow tomatoes halved
  • A tiny crumble of the best quality goat cheese
  • A handful of lightly toasted pine nuts
Wisk together a dressing of one part port vinegar to 4 parts good quality olive oil + sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a pinch of sugar and gently toss the salad.


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

what a lovely weekend that revolves around my two favorite things - shopping and food! oh and i'll definitely have to give that salad a try.

Johanna said...

Sounds to me like a weekend of good eating! Is that an egg on top of pizza?

Mrs.French said...

seriously...not shoes for you? I, unfortunately could not resist...darn kork-ease, they get me everytime....oh and just so you know, I was thinking of partaking in a simple, spinach salad for lunch...now I want cake, steak, and the "summer salad"...yum! xo t

Joslyn said...

johanna -- that's the croque madame, bread, ham, swiss emmentaler + the egg...so good.

mrs. french -- yes i bought myself a pair, bad, bad me...which kork ease did you get? the new ones?

. said...

Shopping and food, what a great combo. The food looks so yummy!


MFAMB said...

sounds lovely indeed.

Our Green Nest said...

Sounds wonderful!! Have a great week!

Michelle {lovely little things} said...

Eating + shopping always equals a great weekend! Glad you enjoyed yourself.

Kristin said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe for a such a delicious sounding salad. It's perfect for toasty summer days.

I think your weekend sounds wonderful!! Food and shoes? Try to top that!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I'm loving that salad...

iheartkiwi said...

i'm a sucker for a lovely food photo. i had a mango, watermelon, shrip and bibb lettuce salad last night for dinner!

summer is meant for salads.

Jennie Bee said...

yum! looks like fun! and good!

Good + Happy Day said...

wow, looks yumm-y! i'm loving molly's book too, but you're way ahead of me in trying the recipes!