Caris Reid

image of Caris via Dossier

I was introduced to the work of artist Caris Reid last week and instantly knew I had to share it with you. Not only are her paintings intensely lovely, whimsical, moody, magical and altogether fantastic, but she is a gifted writer, blogging for Dossier and is an incredibly nice person. She kindly agreed to answer a few question for us about her inspirations, her childhood and what she loves the absolute most…her favorites if you will. (You know I had to ask ;-)

Where did you grow up? How did your childhood affect your decision to become an artist?

I had a nomadic childhood, but we lived in Dallas for my last couple of years of high school...my dad is in the hotel business and was always being sent to new hotels in different cities when we were growing up. So really, I grew up all over the place. My childhood also involved a lot of daydreaming. My mom is a really creative and talented woman and was a huge influence on me becoming an artist. She had a lot of art books lying around and always took us to museums.

I’m on a bit of a mission to show people there are “cool” aspects to Dallas…What are your favorite Dallas things/places?
  • Ships Lounge -- It's one of Dallas' oldest bars. They have a great jukebox with husky country songs and the beers are really cheap.
  • Dolly Python -- I found a black and white photo there of a woman in profile holding a little horse in her hand. It’s one of my favorite found photos.
  • Having tea at the T room at Forty Five Ten with my mom and sisters… All of Forty Five Ten is gorgeous and so well edited.
  • Eating at my parent’s house -- My dad is an amazing cook, and my mom is a master of ambiance. We light the candles on her Jan Barboglio candelabra and play Tom Waits, Beck, or Steve Earl.
Where do you draw inspiration?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends. But also from the melancholy of Victorian photography, the sensuality of 1970s film, and the optimism of 1950's design.

What do you love, your "top 10", can't live without, favorites?
  1. A necklace by Hanna Sandin. Hanna is a dear friend of mine and such a talented artist...she also makes gorgeous jewelry. I never leave the house without one of her necklaces.
  2. My camera! I live for fleeting moments of beauty. Having a camera helps those moments linger.
  3. Gaston Bachelard "The Poetics of Space."
  4. A journal by Elam-Books. I honestly don't travel anywhere without one. The company is Parisian and the paper is from one of the oldest paper mills in Europe...all the pages are individually sewn. I discovered them years ago and have been obsessed with them ever since.
  5. One of my old man hats.
  6. Louis Armstrong's "Stardust" -- The album has been on repeat in my studio.
  7. 005 micron pens...I like the itty bitty tips.
  8. Paintings by Mamma Anderson and her husband Jockum Nordstrom
  9. My Winsor Newton inks...the packaging is so whimsical and always puts a smile on my face.
  10. My plants...especially my delicious monster plant!


nichole said...

Lovely interview, fabulous artist! I especially enjoyed her can't live without favorites!

Miss | A said...

great interview. love love the dallas stuff. so fun! I am loving dallas so much this year. new eyes are wonderful aren't they?!

Anonymous said...

love it! thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

thanks for sharing, joslyn! I love caris' work! I am off to browse her website to see more.

kristina said...

oh i love seeing where artists find their inspiration. it's so, well, inspiring!

Emily said...

dropping in, i heart your blog.

. said...

What a great interview. Thanks for sharing!


mb said...

I love your post on Caris. The work on her website draws me in... no pun intended.
She has a show coming up. I hope you will share that info with us.
I want to look at more of Jockum Nordstom's work... I am familiar with Mamma Anderson's work, his wife.
Thanks for the inspiration.

TheBeautyFile said...

great interview! She's so talented, creative and beautiful!

Jim said...

Finding artists on the internet is one big pleasure. She is very talented and thanks for introducing her. Like a mix of Ed Munch and Sophia Coppola.

thea said...

mmm, actually for the first time in a while I stopped, sat in the quiet and read the interview from beginning to end including checking out all the links.

That should express my respect for a lovely interview.