Blogger's Favorites -- Ink On My Fingers

This week’s list belongs to a lovely photographer, poet and teacher. I’m just getting to know Susannah through her genius blog Ink On My Fingers, but I already like her so much…she’s so insightful and warm. I know you’ll love her list.

Herewith Susannah’s favorites. Enjoy!


My favourite things (in no particular order)

The Sea -- I grew up by the sea and every year my fair skin would burn and blister, but this never put me off the wonders of the beach. We’re lucky in the UK because you’re never really more than two or three hours from the coastline so a daytrip to the seaside is possible on a moment’s notice. When I lived in London I’d make pilgrimages back to the sea as often as I could; I prefer it when it’s quiet, when the tourists have gone home and there’s just me, the seagulls and the lapping waves. I think my best thoughts there.

My Sideboard -- This sideboard was originally in my mother’s house and I remember opening the doors as quietly as I could to steal a swig from the bottle of sherry inside (I was probably nine or ten). Now I have it in my house and even though it displays and holds my things it still reminds me of my childhood home, and I’m grateful to have such a tangible link to the past. If my house was on fire I’d be trying to drag that old sideboard out the door with me.

Magnolias -- Winters in England are very cold, dull and depressing so when the breeze warms up and the trees start to blossom at this time of year, I find myself breathing a sigh of relief. Spring makes me happy, and the first magnolia sightings make me ecstatic. All I need is a sunny day, a camera and a blossoming magnolia tree to stand under, and I am in heaven.

Vintage -- I like objects that have a story attached to them, which is why I find it impossible to walk past a vintage store without going in. I love the smell of old leather-bound books and vanity cases, retro glassware and fancy silver cutlery. I can’t resist crumbling gilt frames and lace blouses, and I’m always on the look out for dresses from the 60s and 70s. Old things are beautiful to me, which is why my home resembles a (very tidy) junk shop/ mid-century haven.

Flying -- One of the best feelings in the world is sitting on a plane as you’re about to take off; I love the buzz of adrenaline as the engine starts to roar and we race along the runway. I love arriving at my destination, and have been to some amazing places, but nothing beats the plane ride for me. And sure, flying can be boring and tedious – 11 hours later and I’m over it, believe me - but I always feel so happy standing in Heathrow airport waiting to go somewhere new.

SX-70 -- I love all my cameras, and have some pretty special ones, but it’s my SX-70 Polaroid camera that always manages to wrap me around its little finger. I love how it looks and how it sounds, I adore the quality of Polaroid film, and how this retrotastic camera helps to record how I see the world. I dream in Polaroid squares now, and have nightmares where I can’t get my hands on any more film – sadly this will be a reality one day.

My Books -- I moved house last year and it quickly became apparent that 80% of my possessions are in fact books. I have recessed shelving in the corner of my living room and I keep some of my books there arranged by colour; I like my books around me and find that a rainbow of books is easier on the eye. I buy at least one or two books every week and I dream of the day when I own a rambling house and can create my own library. I can never throw a book away – what sacrilege! – so instead I’ll have an occasional cull and give a few to charity. Books are your friends.

My Sister -- My sister is my favourite person and also my favourite person to photograph. She’s beautiful, extraordinarily talented and understands me better than anyone. We have a tendency to speak in a sort of sister-code and don’t need full sentences to communicate with each other – it’s more like a series of laughs, comedy accents and mind reading. I am so very lucky that I got to be her big sis.


jae said...

I really enjoyed that. I related to so many of her favorites. I love the sea, but only when it is quiet and there is something about sitting down on an airplane when you are about to take off....all the work and worries it took to get there, just evaporate. I'm off to check out her blog....thanks for the intro and Have a very blessed Easter weekend.

Jodi said...

Amazing pictures. The colors are so yummy!

You Are My Fave said...

That load of books looks all too familiar. I love the color coding.

paris parfait said...

So lovely to read all this, Sus. Just this week, I've been trying to get through the books and give some to charity. It's such an overwhelming task! Like you, I buy a book or two every week. The problem is finding time to read them all! :) xo

Slices of Beauty... said...

Very insightful and talented! Luv you Susannah.

Thank you for a lovely post.

Susannah Conway said...

thanks everybody, glad you liked the post! Tara, we really are kindred souls, aren't we :)

Alessandra Cave said...

Not a surprise that we share favorite things! Always enjoy what you have to say and share. xo

melissa loves said...

Oh, I love this! I love Susannah, love her picks and love that her sister is one of her favorite "things". How beautiful.....and beautiful photographs!

lillie said...

I've been adoring Susannah via her blog too, and I think this is one of my favorite "favorite things" yet. A beautiful list with which I whole-heartedly agree!