The Spending Hiatus Support Group – Week Eleven (Food Edition)

lovely images via the jewels of ny... yet another food obsession

This week in non-spending went pretty great in that I didn’t buy anything… Well, anything except food – lots of food, which is definitely essential, no?

My lack of shopping, Molly’s book, my new found addiction to the Tamra Davis Cooking Show (this ravioli is on my to-do list next) + the lovely Jewels of NY site have come together in sort of a perfect storm that has me cooking (or thinking about cooking)… a lot.

There was a lovely date with hubby on Friday at Bolsa (so good) that had me obsessing all weekend over how to re-create the fava bean/mint puree that my scallops were swimming in, then there was the giant Mexican feast we made for two of our favorite families on Saturday (green chili chicken casserole, guacamole with feta cheese...) Sunday dinner for lovely cousin Erin and our neighbors consisted of grilled skirt steak, homemade yucca fries and more of that quacamole followed by Molly’s Winning Hearts and Minds chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream…

So no shopping, but lots of cooking and eating... I better be careful or I’ll have to shop all new clothes post-hiatus (as I won’t be able to fit into my old ones), and that would completely defeat the purpose!

How are you all doing?? It’s the home stretch.


Rachel said...

Oh yes. I have definitely found that baking is a good substitute for shopping, but not so good for the waistband of my pants.

This weekend I tried painting, and that was pretty successful at distracting me (from both shopping and over eating!).

Heather Taylor said...

have i mentioned how impressed i am by this? amazing.

Rita Finn said...

Except for the Stickley chair that was insanely discounted, and preparations to reupholster our living room furniture, I must say I've done amazingly well. I'm still lusting after a pair of shoes, a new camera and new a book of photography, which I may reward myself with when we're done. Thanks for the support and encouragement!

Dora said...

Well if food doesn't count...then we did pretty well. Hubby and I had a "date day" vs. night out Saturday afternoon. Great lunch at Pomme in St. Louis and then tooling around a few places. We were "shopping" (sorry) for a planter we needed (ok, wanted) for our backyard. Didn't find it (great, no guilt!) but found something better for our fountain overflow on the porch (doh! guilt now settling in). One last confession, I went to a garage sale and picked up some $ .25/each clothes for the boys. I shouldn't have went but got some great digs for less than a cappacino!

Julia said...

Oh how fun! I love the images you found!

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Amanda said...

Mm, your post makes me hungry. Thinking I need to make dinner soon.

This week was great for me- I didn't slip, and I had a great spring break. I did go shopping with a family member, and she DID buy a few things for me, but that doesn't technically count right? I didn't spend anything, at any rate.

Only two weeks left for me! (since I'm a week behind).

~Amanda @ One Happy Panda

PS: I did ask for advice as to my "phase out of spending hiatus" plan on the blog today. So if anyone has any sweet ideas, feel free to come over and share :)

Callie Grayson said...

what yummy images!!
my head is spinning. I am buying a house and all the fees and cost involved is making my head spin!

abigail said...

we're in new york visiting friends and my husband has never been more happy about the spending hiatus! I've been really good so far, but we're here two more days and in that time I could easily undo all the good I've done!

Modelmental said...

I wish I could catch the cooking bug? Poor husb deserves a good meal or two.
I honestly haven't slipped up once in the hiatus. But then, I am a bit OCD that way. I'm going to have a minor little shop for winter when your hiatus is over, then try and see it through the year... Wish me luck. The group support has helped me so so much, I wonder if I can keep it up when there's no-one to report to!

paula said...

It's going great! I definitely feel the change. I am trying to learn to cook, love this post.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

guacamole with feta? guacamole with feta?! I think I just died and went to heaven....YUM!

iheartkiwi said...

in lieu of shopping i made yummy shrimp tostada bites (z tejas inspired) they were a hit!

amber {daisy chain} said...

food is always a good substitute for shopping, though nothing really does give that thrill, does it? I seem to spend SO much on food, I don't know how I do it. The Mexi feast sounds divine!