Blogger’s Favorites – Lovely Cousin Erin

I've tried to write an adequate intro to this blogger's favorite post three different times, but, well... I'm failing. Apparently I love my cousin Erin so much, it’s hard to find words perfect enough to describe her...

How about this -- She’s insanely lovely and kind and smart and funny and creative and talented and pretty much my third sister. Check her out here and here

Herewith Erin’s favorites. Enjoy and happy Friday!

When Joslyn asked me to do this the first thing I did was go back through and see what all the other bloggers wrote as their favorites. What I found was a million of my favorite things. In fact, my apologies if I am being redundant in some of my faves… but great minds think alike huh? I read Joslyn’s blog religiously not only because I am related to her but because well…she just rocks!! I find endless amounts of inspiration from her and her awesome recommendations. I know all of you would agree it is an honor.
  1. Rosebud Salve- I got hooked on this when I was 15 before it even came to Sephora. My aunt (J's mom) got me hooked on this miracle salve. I seriously catch myself slathering it on everything, lips, cuticles, nose (in the winter).
  2. Accessories- My personal mantra is to dress up the drab with a few accessories. You can turn any plain black tee and jeans into elegant brilliance with a statement necklace and some groovy shoes. **this works for the home as well :) or at least I am banking my job on it!**
  3. iPhone- This silly little gadget has become my world. I travel alot, it basically replaces my computer with email, GPS, internet, suggestions for dining, metric conversions, blogging, calendar, really anything you can imagine, this lovely little device has been there for me... oh yea and it's a phone too.
  4. Manolo Blahnik by Francesco Clemente limited edition (of 21) boots- My uber stylish mom got these for me at an amFAR event. I can count the times I’ve worn them on one hand… but they make me smile every morning when I open my closet.
  5. Moleskin sketchbooks- I always have one with me for notes, sketches, scraps. The thick paper doesn't bleed and well they are just functional.
  6. Books- also another thing I always have with me. Classics, trashy novels, enlightening novels, educational novels, trendy novels... I don't discriminate, just gimme a book to read.
  7. My camera (but more importantly my photos)- I'd say I have a favorite... but I don't. (I have also messed a few up in my day) However, I do find it absolutely vital to life to always have some sort of camera in my possession. Currently, and for the last 4 years, which is a record, I've had the Sony Cybershot. It simply won't die!
  8. Food- I love cooking food, eating out, eating in, trying new things... basically just food. (total fat girl statement, I know).
  9. ADVENTURE- this is my top favorite thing ever. I love adventure, small and large. Since I can remember I have come up with crazy ideas to try a new adventure. Adventures like traveling to Finland in the dead of winter for 3 weeks to build snow installations, to packing my bags and moving to Manchester for a semester, to signing up for something as geeky as hand bells so that I could travel to Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Vancouver. My next adventure is to Japan to visit my little brother... so excited.


Anonymous said...

I love a good moleskin and if I am in a store that offers them, I have to buy one. You never know when you are going to need one.

Love your list.

paula said...

these faves are fabulous! oh, and her introduction was quite lovely.

Alicia said...

I LOVE Rosebud Salve - I was emptying out some of my many bags the other day & there was at least one tin in each...you just never know when you're going to need it! My friends think it's a bit of an obsession on my part as well ;-)

Unknown said...

That sounds so neat, traveling to Finland! Sigh. Love your list!