Breakfast Part Two (aka You Guys Rock)

Jen Causey’s perfect breakfast photos via simply breakfast...(She’s really the goddess of breakfast, no?) Buy the book here.

I LOVED reading through all your comments on the breakfast post! Seriously you guys are so amazing... You eat some pretty excellent stuff in the mornings (and some of your hubbies even make breakfast for you, which is awfully dreamy.)

Some of my faves:

  • Flora’s chocolate cake + a sweet chicory with oat milk and nut cream
  • Anne’s oatmeal with wheat berries, ground cinnamon, chopped walnuts, a drizzle of agave nectar and a small dollop of peanut butter
  • Uncle Beefy’s coffee & a cupcake
  • Sarah’s eggs & greens – “I sauté some greens with garlic or onions, or alone, season w/ salt and pepper and vinegar, and scramble or fry an egg or two!”

Now with the whole peanut butter salmonella scare,I’m just trying to figure out how to mix up my "go-to" breakfast for the mornings I drive into the office… I’m going through withdrawals here friends.

p.s. A few of you asked...The smoothie is just some fresh blueberries, a cup or so of organic vanilla yogart, a bit of orange juice (I love Odwalla), a little water, some wheat germ and a few almonds. Super simple!


Emily said...

I have that blue mug too!
How about Nutella instead of PB?

Flora said...

I'm happy you liked my breakfast :) Have a lovely evening!

nichole said...

Jen's breakfast photos rank in my top five. I love, love, love her work!

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

I love that blog and the posts are great, gorgeous photographs. very inspiring.

Amanda said...

Peanut butter in a jar should be fine, they're saying. It's peanut butter products (made with peanut paste I think) that you have to worry about- like pre-packaged peanut butter cookies and such. I'm so happy too, I was dying without my PB fix.

Uncle Beefy said...

Joslyn...you're sweet. :)

Wait until my exercise video comes out! I'm just trying to find some tighter spandex. Y'know...sex sells. ;)

Callie Grayson said...

that image with the toast is making my mouth water!!!
yummy yum

Julia said...

YES YES YES! I love her work!

jora said...

Try almond butter...it's very tasty and all around healthier.

sunny said...

I'm woefully out of it re: the news..but I knew something of the peanut butter scare. I shrugged it off because I buy my peanut butter which is made (I think) at my grocery store and labeled only with their price stickers. I assumed it was okay and kept using it to make my smoothies. (milk, ice, some crunchy peanut butter, and a banana). If I couldn't buy that peanut butter, I'd go through withdrawals too!

I loved reading about all the breakfasts.... so now I'm alternating my smoothies with other tasty meals. Yummm.