Blogger's Favorites -- Inside the Loop

This week’s list belongs to the fab Courtney of Inside the Loop. Not only is she super stylish (she was Lucky Magazine’s December “Lucky Girl”) and a fellow Texan (maybe I should take a little road trip to Houston to get her advice on how to break my uniform rut), but she has amazing taste…her weekly gift guides are perfection.

Herewith Courtney’s favorites. Have a great weekend!

  1. Had I known of my love for Le Creuset back when I married, I would have registered for nothing else. These pots are a breeze to clean, your food never sticks and nothing else cooks with such ease. Worth every bit of the price tag...and extreme weight.

  2. I must have been a farmer in another life because I'm infatuated with fruit trees and gardens. We have lemon and lime trees, which are especially handy during cocktail parties. There's nothing like a margarita made with right-off-the-tree limes!

  3. Is there anything more fun than a night of BINGO? Our local Bingo hall is packed to the gills with young people; it's the best kept Thursday night secret around here.

  4. My blog readers are well aware of my unhealthy obsession with flat boots, specifically Frye. A comfortable boot that gets better with age is definitely hard to beat!

  5. I have a piece of cheese every. single. day. I'm easily a cheese-o-holic and that's fine by me.

  6. Words can't describe my love for New York City and the fond memories I have from living there. It's home to the ultimate trifecta: Little Branch, Barrio Chino and Central Park.

  7. Our Bose Lifestyle System allows music to flow from the front porch, through the house, all the way into the backyard. Tedious chores just wouldn't be the same without blasting [and dancing] to my favorite tunes.

  8. I have tried all of the crazy urban legends associated with chopping an onion to avoid the inevitable tears. These Onion Action Goggles are the only thing that works and always make for a great laugh!

  9. Good ole paper planners. In order to remember anything, I must jot it down. Plus, I love knowing all my plans are in one spot so I'm sure to never miss a date.

  10. Ever since we started driving our Vespa all over town, date nights with my husband were taken to a new level. It makes getting from Point A to Point B a whole new experience.


Abbie said...

I've given those onion goggles as a gift... after seeing my friend sporting her ski goggles to cut onions. It was too funny!

The VIPs said...

love this list, so chic and cute at the same time, I must check out her blog!

Courtney said...

Thank you so much for asking me to participate in such a fun series on here. And please let me know next time you're heading to Houston - we must meet up! (and something tells me you don't need a bit of help picking out stylish duds!)

Kate said...

That's so funny, I just bought those goggles in pink for all the women in my family...we'll look awesome.

I also put them in the freezer for a couple of minutes before I chop and that seems to help.

tigermilk said...

i want the vespa!

paula said...

i love it all! she is just fabulous.

evencleveland said...

I love Courtney!

Her list is the bees knees!

jae said...

Always enjoy Courtney....great list!

Ms Unreliable said...

Yay for your own fruit trees! I live in a tiny apartment that has a disproportionately large terrace, so it's stocked up with all sorts of herbs, vegetables, and of course my favourites, my lime, lemon and orange trees!

MIMILEE said...

what a cute idea! Courtney is one of my faves! How delightful!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

What an awesome list! I love the vespa so much, how romantic!

Sarah Von Bargen said...

What is she doing inside my brain!? This if we substituted the onion action goggles with any brightly colored, rubber kitchen utensil, I would think she was a mind reader. :) Great list!

summer said...

LOVE posts like this- they are so fascinating.

Joanna Goddard said...

what fun!!! i love these. i am a cheese a holic, too, and am scared of checking my cholesterol.

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