Tuesday's List

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All this week, along with my normal posts, Amy and I will feature lists from Friday's adventure!

Today’s list belongs to the lovely Jackie

27 Things I want to Do Before I'm 28

  1. Start a gratitude journal
  2. Plant an herb and veggie garden (I really like the Square Foot Gardening method)
  3. Buy a dress pattern for the girls, learn to read it and sew up some dresses!
  4. Take girls to the library at least once a week
  5. Create more family rituals (Like our annual October Half Moon Bay pumpkin patch trip)
  6. Learn to cook simple, fresher, healthier meals
  7. Create a budget and stick with it!
  8. Thrift more, pay full price less
  9. Organize the girls' toys and donate at least half
  10. Create meal plans every Sunday
  11. Carve out more quality time with Hubby
  12. Do weekly crafts with Natalie
  13. Get back to reading at least one book a month
  14. Recycle-I know it's awful that I don't already. My town does not have a recycling program, and I just haven't gotten around to finding out where I can recycle what.
  15. Make bed every morning
  16. Create a weekly cleaning schedule
  17. Visit my Grandma and Aunt more, who live an hour and a half away
  18. Learn to take better digital photos
  19. Get over my fear of cooking for others and entertain friends more often
  20. Watch an old movie at The State Theater
  21. Pick fabric and sew curtains for the family room
  22. Take the local community ed class on how to reupholster furniture, and bring my Nana's wing chair as the project.
  23. Turn large blank wall in family room into an art wall- all with etsy finds of course
  24. Go to more performances at the Gallo Center For The Arts
  25. Write a weekly letter to my mom, re-capping all the little things that she misses by living so far away
  26. Put little love notes in my Hubby's lunch (even though it will probably embarrass him)
  27. Vote


anne said...

I love the list idea! I turn 26 in April so I've been working on my list of 25 things. Hope to have it done soon. I will send it in asap!

Jackie said...

Thank you so much for featuring my list! It was gratifying to define some goals for the year. I feel more focused now.

alyson. said...

I love this Joslyn. it's so inspiring!! I've been working on my own list, as I'm turning 27 in a few months. maybe for my friday right this second. :)

Melissa de la Fuente said...

This is SUCH a great feature Joslyn...inspiring and I DO love lists! :) Thank you for visiting over in my neck of the woods today. I was happy to have you!

Mary said...

Great list - of course "Vote" should be on mine as well!