Crafty Girls (for real)

Erin's inspiration...a softie by Esthex

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not exactly naturally crafty. But while I wasn’t born with the "craft gene", I am in complete and total awe of those that were. Take for example lovely cousin Erin. The day after Audrey and I took on Martha, Erin arrived at our house for Sunday dinner armed with visions of Esthex’s sweet toys + a slew of felt, ribbon and fabric, her sewing machine (!) and a picture of a unicorn that Audrey had drawn the previous week-end when she and Erin had a dinner date.

We were going to make a softie!

Audrey with her completed softie -- Fauna Rose Clevell

Audrey re-drew the unicorn on felt and picked her favorite colors out of Erin's stack of materials, plus she helped stuff the (tiny, skinny, maddening) legs with batting using a chop stick. I have to say it turned out pretty cute (that Erin is brilliant) and was super fun to make, especially coupled with Thai take-out and a couple of glasses of wine (did I mention that stuffing those legs was maddening…)


Kate said...

Oh how cute. They'll make you a custom monster at FAO too, but it's a lot more expensive than free. ;) Very lucky girl and a very sweet cousin you have.

Cam said...

Soo cute. I'm also in awe of how crafty Erin is. I love going over to her place and seeing some fab new arrangement or decoration that would have never ever crossed my mind. I'm SO jealous of those with a creative gene. Wish I had one....

It seems that Audrey has a creative mind too....She must be fun to watch grow up!

karey m. said...

i love this story!

especially the part about the thai take-away and glasses of wine.

plus, it's always a perfect post when little a is in it.

candy1217 said...

Adorable!!! Reminds me of the "Ugly dolls" - anyone seen those? Just as cute, except they manage to get away with charging $30+ each!!!

candy1217 said...

Here's the link, forgot to post it:


(I'm such a sucker for those things!!)

cheers, Candy

Unknown said...

what a great night in! Love it, cuz Erin sounds like a dream. And those legs look painfully skinny indeed, I would not have had the patience to help her stuff those things, well done! Please tell Audrey I think it's awesome! px

Unknown said...

that is so cute!! what a nice erin!