Blogger's Favorites -- Modern Craft

Today is a milestone Blogger’s Favorites, as it’s our first list belonging to a guy – Jim of the incredibly well edited Modern Craft.

Jim’s eye for design, craft and up-and-coming artists and artisans is spot. on. And, he and his wife Kari have created a beautiful, warm, modern home outside of Chicago. A must see house tour.

Herewith Jim’s Favorites. Enjoy!
  1. My Nikon -- I'm pretty old school when it comes to taking pictures-- and I don't get better results than my FG, circa 1982.
  2. Portraits / Alex Katz -- I've always been interested in portraits-- they are one of my passions. Similarly, I love the work of Alex Katz-- his flat bold screenprints of his friends and family. All beautiful and idealized.
  3. Photo Booth Pictures -- This is one of me and my wife Kari before marriage, kids, station wagons, etc. I love the quick snapshots these booth photos give us.
  4. Ribbon Watchbands -- When I lived in NY, I would go to Brooks Brothers to find the best watchbands. I've worn them since high school. Classic but never dull.
  5. IKEA -- The best value for the money. They've made high design mass market. Brilliant.
  6. Hand-Drawn Letters -- I love typography in nearly any form, and the current hand-drawn type fad is really great. I love how letters become art in this context. It's nothing new I guess, look at.
  7. Stuart Davis and Gerald Murphy from the 1920s and 1930s. Very pop.
  8. Totes -- I have many, but my favorite is the Orvis Battenkill tote. I know it might be for hunters or people who have country houses, but it's extremely sturdy, dark to hide all stains, and classic.
  9. Maira Kalman -- What can I say. Her work is beautiful, poignant, and shows us the deeper meaning of life.
  10. Copenhagen -- My favorite city. I could move there tomorrow.
  11. Marta Barware from CB2 -- Very thin but deceptively strong, even if you have little kids. Stylish and best of all, around $2.


mary s. said...

Oooh - must look for one of those cameras. Another great one, Jos!

Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVE this. copenhagen -- totally want to go now!! and the photo booth picture is SOOOOOO CUTE!

Julia said...

Those are fun favorites :) Have I mentioned how much I like these artists favorites?

just a girl... said...

please tell me the program you use to put these lists together numbered

Joslyn said...

just a girl -- i just pasted the list un-numbered from word into blogger and then numbered them using blogger's editor.