Friday Morning Paper -- (Really) Early Edition

Because I couldn't bear to look at my feet front and center on the blog any longer, here are tomorrow's paper picks...today -- Susy Jack's awfully cute notebooks, cards, etc...

Whew. I feel better.


tracie said...

i humbly give you this post ... http://broadwaypaper.blogspot.com/2008/07/stationery-stationary.html

{and susyjack* rocks big time!}

Joslyn said...

great post!

moving forward i will strike "stationary" from my vocab in regards to paper...;-)

Love, love, love broadway paper. beautiful!

Julia said...

Lovely, darling! I'm always in the mood for paper! Always!

And it's rather funny because I'm off to go make a HUGE Broadway paper run!

karey m. said...

ah hahahahahahahaha! i felt the same way about my mug on my space!

xoxo. and i adore your tootsies!

cevd said...

oh i am going to have to start using notebooks, immediately.