Lucky Mom...

Always lovely photo via 3191

My sweet, sweet hubby and daughters surprised me with a huge mug of coffee and a bowl of strawberries in bed on Mother's Day -- though it wasn't so much a surprise, as Audrey emphatically begged me on Saturday night to stay in bed no matter what because she and daddy and Millie were going to bring me breakfast the next day... (I'm known to regularly wake up before everyone else, so she was making sure I didn't thwart their plans with my morning industriousness.)

Oh and Audrey ate all the strawberries while I was distracted by the beautiful homemade cards and lovely gifts.
That girl is some kind of clever.


Joanna Goddard said...

haha, that is so cute!

karey m. said...


i wonder how millie will be?

Joslyn said...

karey...i endlessly wonder about little M too. Some days she's super sweet and mellow and some days she's a hot as a two dollar pistol, so it's a toss up.