I Love This Bag

Giallo weekender via unruly things

This bag definitely falls into the category of an accessory* that I wouldn't have a bit of trouble donning...

*Does a bag count as an accessory?? For me it's really just a necessity, and trust me, I've justified many a bag under that premise.


Mrs.French said...

This bag makes my heart beat fast. Since I am a blonde with pale, rosey skin yellow rarely looks good on me. I would only wear it on my arm or on my feet. I have the shoes, so the bag should be a must.

Unknown said...

me tooooooo px
PS Mrs French, I think you must also have this bag!!

Joslyn said...

Yes! Mrs. French buy it and i'll live vicariously through you!

Sara Christine said...

This bag! It's stalking me. It's been popping up on blogs all over the place, and I've almost bought it twice. Maybe today's the day. I love it!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

I like to think of it as BOTH .....this bag is so cute. I cant say that i own a yellow bag, but id LOVE to.

Jen Ramos
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