Friday Paper (Sort Of)

So it's not stationary or even remotely stationary related...but it's made of paper, so I'm letting it slide.

I'm rather intrigued (and frankly excited) about this new magazine spotted on Design Mom...Its mission of finding the "poetry in the prosaic" (or focusing on the "in-between" moments that make up our daily lives with kids) is perfectly in step with my resolve to savor Millie and Audrey for fear that their babyhood is slipping through my fingers.

On that note, four has been such an interesting age for us.
Another mother and I were discussing how four seems like the tween period for the pre-k set...They're not yet big kids but definitely not babies either. On any given day, Audrey is guaranteed to simultaneously be the most insightful, mature, independent kid around only to later literally become a heap of sobs just because she can't get her socks pulled on just so.

Anyone else having this experience?
Maybe this magazine will teach me to cherish and embrace those melt downs...worth a try I suppose.


Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk said...

I found your blog a couple of weeks ago and then "lost" it...so glad to have found it again.

I'm afraid to say that I'm still dealing with this range of emotions with my daughter...even at the age of seven. One minute I feel like I'm talking with my '30 something' BFF and the next I'm dealing with screams and tears over not pouring enough lemonade into her cup

Oh how I hope this new magazine can help me turn these 'sour' experiences into lemonade we can both enjoy. :)

P.S. Love your blog. I'm adding it to my blogroll now.

karey m. said...

oh, come on. me, too. with a 2, an 8, and a 9 {all born in september}, i am in a lovely mess of lovely mess.

this mag is pulling me, right? i need to revisit it. when i have some time. in between lovely messes.

and your vay-kay? i'm dreading it. whatever will i do without your words? and ever-so-calming pics?

it might be a wonderful time for you...but, next time, you may want to think how your actions affect others. {hee hee.} xoxo.

Joslyn said...

oh karey, you are my fav, fav, fav...

Mrs.French said...

wow...so that's four? I am still trying to get my head around 2 1/2. In my experience each stage is the best and worst of everything. I'm a total sucker and subscribed to this little mag. what can i say? i'm curious and the cover shot is beautiful. I am sure I will be posting about it soon.

Unknown said...

i can totally relate to the angst of age four. Sometimes my four year old provokes me (actually every day) to levels of frustration I was not aware existed within myself -- and then like two minutes later I am melting at the insane adorableness of her irrationality. It's a roller-coaster for us all. Age four with a boy was completely different. Boys just don't feel EVERYTHING emotionally, as my little Lily does. Even a simple request to do something like, say, wash hands after using the bathroom can just push her over the brink!