Countdown to the Beach – Part Two (or the things I didn't buy…)

I want this swimsuit and this scarf ...but am resisting.

On matters of a more material nature, the past few weeks have proven awfully tempting, as I've longed to buy a whole new wardrobe for the beach... But reason prevailed, and I resisted, opting instead to take a stack of existing dresses to the tailor for some "illusion of newness."

I'm happy to report the results were pretty stellar. (With the exception of one dress that the tailor must've worked on after consuming multiple glasses of red wine -- it's now so small I would have to lose half of my body weight to squeeze into it... and that's never a good idea, no matter how cute the dress, but I digress.)

For about the price of one of the frocks above (despite my conflicted relationship with J. Crew, I fell pretty hard for some of their spring stuff), I now have five seemingly new, perfectly cute dresses to wear on vacation. I did splurge a bit on sunscreen, but given my deep fear of skin cancer, this felt like a responsible spend...no?


alyson. said...

that scarf is amazing... is it J Crew?

alyson. said...

your link wasn't working... but I figured it out!! :)

Joslyn said...

it's virginia johnson...i'll fix that link ;-)

Unknown said...

well done on the re-vamp instead of re-stock! so proud of you. your tailor must have thought you said you wanted that dress made to fit audrey.

Joanna Goddard said...

great idea! i love the tailor. i just had some shorts tailore and they fit so perfectly now.