One of the Many Benefits of Comments

Ok...I'm not afraid to admit it; I love getting comments (I mean who doesn't really?) But it's especially great if a comment is the catalyst for discovering a great new (to me) blog...(Remember Jen?)
Miko left a comment on a recent post, and now I'm smitten with her textiles. She screen prints delightful bags, aprons, toys and clothes in small quantities.

The festive banners would be especially awesome in a kid's room and her totes and t-shirts are also pretty swell... Check out her etsy shop for more uber cuteness.


Esti said...

Once again, thanks for introducing me to such interesting talents.

Andrea Eames said...

Wow, thanks for that, her prints are amazing. (By the way, I see you like Flight of the Conchords? They're one of our best exports ... I'm so glad they're doing well in the States!)


Joslyn said...

andrea...i am totally smitted with the flight of the conchords...we thank you for them!

Anonymous said...

i love that bag! super cute.

lovely blog too. found you via sk*rt.

Anonymous said...

I love comments, too. You're right: I think we all do. But I also LOVE that bag. Thanks for sharing. : )