Happy Weekend

Images via e.soule's etsy

I'll leave you with these awesome Polaroids by e.soule -- quite possibly the best use ever for those little plastic animals my family seems to be obsessed with. Via Jordan.


karey m. said...

just realized i threw the "you make my day" award right back atcha!

but even though you make my day, it doesn't work that way, does it?!


even so, a few lovely words about you on my blog! hope you enjoy!


Joslyn said...

just read your blog...you are too nice. thank you for the kind, kind words.

ps...i think it works however we want it to.

Unknown said...

i love those! i'm going to show them to my lily. she's been carrying around her little plastic cow ("supercow") for the last 3 weeks. EVERYWHERE. Including school. He was banned on Friday for bad behavior.

Joanna Goddard said...

i lvoe these, so cute for a nursery. :)

Joslyn said...

Lynne -- what did that cow do???

melissa said...

Those photos are amazing. There is something so thoughtful and serene about them.