What I’m Coveting But Can’t Buy Due to Resolution #5 – Week One

To get me through my month of going purchase-free, I thought I'd do a weekly post on the things I'm seriously itching to buy, but can’t… Hopefully this will help banish them from my obsessive little brain.

This week the culprits are these little Hayden Harnett coin purses. I spotted a bunch of them in a big bowl at Anthropologie last week and have been fixating ever since.

I’m also a teensy bit desperate for this drastically marked-down dress. What a week to stop buying stuff... Hayden Harnett's having one heck of a sale.

Happy Friday.


Jo said...

they are sold out of my size in that adorable dress! phew, i don't have to buy it :)

Kim said...

i'm proud of you! thank you for being an inspiration!!!

Joslyn said...

Thanks Kim!

ali said...

I don't mean to make your resolution any more difficult, but I'm pretty sure those little HH coinpurses are on sale on the HH website.

Now, forget I ever told you.