Projects for My Sweetie

I recently read Pia Jane’s review of Mark and Sally Bailey’s new book The Recycled Home and was instantly intrigued by the quote she included in her intro:

“Use what you’ve got, be true to the structure of your house and the materials it is made from… think of your home as a delicious experiment.”

So I hightailed to the Bailey’s Home and Garden site to further explore all their gorgeous, organic pieces and ended up with tons of new ideas to “assign” to Bryan. Now that the pear is behind him, we’ve been creating a little inspiration folder of projects for him to tackle next. There are lots of bigger pieces (like furniture) in the hopper, so these are meant to be smaller items that he can churn out with scrap wood after the girls are in bed.

Topping the list are this chunky toothbrush holder and wooden pebble incense holder. (I’m crazy for incense, and yes I do realize that I’m exposing a smidge of my hippie leanings here…)

Images via Bailey’s Home and Garden


Joanna Goddard said...

that toothbrush holder is amazing!

Unknown said...

oh yes yes yes josyln, brilliant idea! what i wouldnt give to have a woodworking area of my own! my last trip to see family in canada was spent in the family's woodworking studio, every day everyone was wondering where i had got to. i made little wood tags for christmas kris kringle gifts.

i am sooo envious you guys can make this. i suppose i can't do or have everything at the same time, i already feel overwhelmed!