An Example of Putting Your Daughters’ Middle Names to Good Use

The lighting on offer at the incredible Rian Rae (owner Jeni Crawford combined her two daughter’s middle names to create the shop's name…sweet) is really stellar. If money were no object (and I were actually allowed to purchase anything), I would happily hang any of these lovlies above our kitchen island


ali said...

These are so fantastic. I saw a version of the one you have pictured at the bottom at Anthopologie recently, but the "bulbs" were blue. It was very eye-catching and lovely. I want one someday. Maybe.

Joslyn said...

Ali...the practical part of me feels like I could somehow make the one with the glass balls, but I'd have to amp-up up my "craftiness" significantly.

amber {daisy chain} said...

what gorgeous lighting! The top 2 are so natural & pretty, they look like they'd warm a room right up!