Flipping through last month’s Domino, I too loved Amanda Peet’s daughter Frankie’s room, especially the injection of warm chocolate brown, a few bohemian pillows and some slightly sophisticated art preventing the largely pink room from succumbing to over-girliness.

But by far my favorite images in the magazine were of Laura Resen’s upstate New York cottage. I’ve loved Resen’s style since first seeing her Soho apartment in a 2001 Elle Decor and then again in a 2005 feature. It’s been interesting to follow how consistent her overall aesthetic has stayed over the years despite the evolution of her different residences -- from sleek Soho lofts to rustic upstate New York farmhouse.

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In this age when lightning-fast/throwaway design trends are available at all the big retailers, it’s inspiring to see an example of timeless décor that also manages to feel completely current. Resen smartly reuses most of her furniture and accessories, just reimagining them to honor the spirit of her space (i.e. a more rustic feel in the farmhouse.) The sheer quality and beauty of her pair of red chinoiserie armoires and the blonde wood credenza makes them equally stunning in each of her homes. I’m not so sure I could say the same thing for my pieces from IKEA….

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Joanna Goddard said...

i LOVED amanda peet's house, too. she had such great, cheerful style. the funny girl poster was a great touch. xo