And While I’m On That Train of Thought

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I was thinking some more about Laura Resen’s aesthetic sensibility and genius for repurposing while I was shutting down our house last night before bed. As I went from room to room flipping off lights and stashing away errant toys, I took a quick inventory of the things in our home that were most beloved....the ones with some history or just sheer beauty, that I would surely keep as long as possible and then one day pass down to the girls. I was happy (relieved) to see there was actually far less IKEA than I thought...

A favorite piece bought at Century Modern when we first moved to Dallas nine years ago

I also came across this quote by Jasper Morrison that I had jotted down after reading it on Reference Library a while back.

"A good environment is probably the result of a slow accumulation of things which you like, chosen for good reasons... They should be made to last, visually and physically, and work well in any environment. They should be a pleasure to live with."

Morrison really sums it up far more succulently than I could. He’s written a number of thought provoking essays on the topic of design. And yes, his work is awfully incredible too...

Images via Jasper Morrison Ltd.

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