Wishful Thinking

Image via Cookie

I’m a big advocate of just giving your kids a smaller portion of what you’re already having for dinner, as I firmly believe that all food has the potential to be “kid food." Don’t get me wrong, I’m personally a big fan of Annie’s mac-and-cheese and chicken strips; I just avoid serving them together whenever possible in a meek effort to skirt becoming a cliché.

For me, an ideal dinner would be something like this super-easy baked potato with a perfect poached egg on top spotted in Cookie. But I can say in no uncertain terms that Audrey (or Bryan for that matter) would most definitely not eat a baked potato topped with a poached egg (no matter how seemingly perfect), so I will make this for myself and let them dress their potato however they wish – most likely it’ll be with lots of cheese and butter…

You can just bet it won’t be topped with a poached egg.


Jane said...

I like most anyting on a baked potato...but I'm not sure an egg would do it for me. And I can also picture Bryan's face if you tried to serve it to him :)

Sherrie said...

I laughed when I read this - we've been trying to get our 6 month old to eat carrots and peas. I thought you could just kind of stick it in there and they would eat it, even if they didn't like it. Not so. He just hangs his mouth open until it falls out and looks concerned that we're conspiring against him. :) Ah, there's so much to look forward to!