I’ve previously documented Audrey’s devotion to dresses -- the only way I can get the child to even think about wearing pants is under a dress, which thankfully is actually a good look for a 4 year old (and some very lucky adults.)

Her über-girlishness in this area doesn’t carryover to a love for make-up…yet. In fact, she’s pretty repulsed in general by it. Don’t even think about kissing her if you’re wearing even a trace of lip gloss…it’s just not going to happen, and she’s made it clear to lovely cousin Erin that she doesn’t approve whatsoever of her dark toenail polish…apparently the only acceptable option is the lightest of pinks.

The one concession she’ll make is for body lotion. The kid is mad for the stuff, slathering it all over her little body any chance she gets. She never fully rubs it in, so she’s always walking around with white streaks on her arms and legs.

Our current favorite is this Herbacin body lotion. Full disclosure – I bought it based solely on the packaging at Kuby’s (a very cool little German grocery/restaurant that’s been in Dallas forever), but it smells really great and lasts forever, which makes it perfect for my little lotion addict.


Jane said...

Really...Kuby's? I thought all they had there was Bratwerst and great steaks! Who knew they sold lotion too :)

Joslyn said...

I know...hilarious isn't it...i never thought I’d be buying lotion at a “sausage house”!

raine studios said...

I *love* this twirling photo!

Little girls have it right. If we would just twirl around in twirly skirts and get dizzy, all would be right with the world, don't you think? :)

Here's my little twirler.

Joslyn said...

Amy -- Audrey would die for Jocelyn's twirly dress. Awesome!

Susan said...

Short story about my 5 yr old niece - While shopping in the toy isle at Target with my mom, she came across a pink princess toy and said, in the most drama filled voice, "Grandma, I have waited my WHOLE life for this."

She cries at the word "pants" and beams when you say dress. SIGH, girly girls!

Joslyn said...

Susan -- That story is perfect...love it!

Joy said...

I love your daughter's twirl dress! I had one when I was little that I ADORED, and I was little miss tomboy. It was blue with white ruffles.

If you want good dress-up/twirly clothes, check out garage sales. My mom scored one day - she found two boxes of old ballet costumes that the mom was tired of storing in the attic. My sister and I wore them out!