Audrey is a much happier driver than me.

For the past couple of days, my commute to work has been decidedly un-fun. Usually a little time alone in the car with NPR is a high point of my day, but traffic, construction and bad drivers have joined forces to collectively make me miserable.

I spotted this on my insanely talented friend Buck’s site, bbGun, and it made me smile:

If everyone wore jetpacks, we’d never have to drive to work. We’d miss all the traffic, horray, but I’m sure there would be air traffic – a sky full of the same ol’ nosepickers and honkers and light-runners except maybe we’d be nicer drivers, puttering around the pretty blue without billboards or buildings or birds flying randomly in front of your car, instead they’d fly besid you and you’d become friends. Charlie the Chatterbox would escort you to work and you’d share your bacon and biscuits, he’d bring his worms and his beetles and you’d eat them, politely, for fear of lowering his self-esteem and being responsible for a broken home, an unhappy heart, and his AA meetings, Thursday nights at 7.

- Commute #735


Modern Craft said...

Hello-- We too love small animal figures and several years ago discovered Kunstlerschutz. Search for them on eBay-- we already have so many that we acutally use them on our Christmas tree every year.


Joslyn said...

oh yikes...i just went to eBay and bought one...i think this is going to become a problem ;-)