An Artist among Us

Now that Audrey has decided she’s going to be an artist when she grows up, she wants to frame all of her artwork. I’m never one to impede on someone’s creative inclinations, but given that we have a finite amount of wall space, I’m encouraging her to pick her favorites to frame and filing the remaining pieces in an accordion folder, or having her write notes on the back and sending them to the Grandmothers.

That still leaves us with a lot of framed art, so we’ve turned the girl’s bathroom into a little impromptu art gallery -- here’s where IKEA comes in again, for their NYTTJA frames (wow I’m not sure I’ve ever written a word consisting of almost all consonants, but I digress…) The fronts of the frames are acrylic, so if they fall off the wall during bath time, we’re not looking at a major injury. They’re also pretty cheap, so buying 30! frames only made me slight nauseous when I checked out. The bathroom is looking cute though... Here’s a small sampling; we still have a lot to hang.

A Lot.


Julie @ Letter9 said...

Well, if Audrey wants to send one to me, I'd gladly hang it in a place of honor in my office. It would be good to get something now so that when she's famous, I can sell it at auction for a million trillion dollars.

Cool little gallery you guys have got there.

Susan said...

Why don't you teach her how to make them digital and store online? Maybe even start selling them ;-) Then put the original in storage.

Joslyn said...

Suse: i love that idea!!

Joslyn said...

julie: i'll pop one in the mail if you want to e-mail me your address!