Pinterest As Self Discovery (Or Holy Sh*& I'm Digging Green)

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When a client comes to us without a clear sense of what they love, we get them on the Pinterest, stat. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Don't focus solely on interiors, we instruct them, just pin images that make you happy. We also encourage them not to curate or to go back and look at their boards right away. Just pin, pin, pin, and we'll be able to figure it out.

It's interesting to see what bubbles up -- The self-proclaimed minimalist who's pinned the hell out of tables teaming with accessories; the glam obsessed who's earmarked sparse, earthy images. It's the ultimate exercise in self-discovery, sussing out latent aesthetic leanings. It's my favorite game; and it almost always works.

So, it should be no surprise that a spin through my own Pinterest yesterday revealed a previously unknown predilection toward green. Those images above are but a smattering... Emerald, moss, loden, forest, sage -- they were all there. Over and over.

Now, I have never had anything but kind words for green. I'm a fan. Heck, at one point my breakfast and guest rooms were swathed in the fair hue. But of late, green has not been my jam. I'm not working it into my house, I'm not working it into client's houses (save a pair of killer kelly green vintage Parsons console tables that belonged to the wife of a Dallas Cowboy from the 1960s...clearly I had to use those bad boys). It's just not in my head space.

Or so I thought.

Pinterest has proved otherwise. I'm apparently feeling the green friends. And, truth be told, I'm a little bit scared. Who knows what will happen next...(Bottle green master bedroom anyone?) Stay tuned.


Kate said...

YES! Agreed, so feeling green, too.

Kim said...

I am feeling it with you... earthy non-preppy greens inspired by an old, inexpensive green glass vase that I just like, inexplicably.

Anna said...

You are so right about the Pinterest self-discovery! I'm fascinated you use this as a professional tool. Brilliant.

Kim said...

Joslyn, for your green-diggin' eyes... I think you'll love the styling.