Leigh Patterson and Alexa Hotz's gorgeous marble studies in A Piece Apart's pre-spring magazine but especially the antidote to design ennui. Arrange and rearrange friends (and then rearrange that action again... and again).

Photography by Lachlan Bailey

Alastair McKimm's perfect styling and the beautiful art direction in the WSJ magazine's Spring fashion shoot.

Tiro Tiro's awsome Cercis necklace...

Jens Preusse

Matthias Kaiser's earthy, wonky, surrealistic, color saturated, completely and totally badass ceramics. (Via T Magazine). In a sea of earnest ceramics, Kaiser has managed to pull off something that feels totally and completely unique.

And in one more from the WSJ Magazine, 90-year-old art world darling Etel Adnan's killer work. We should be idolizing more 90-year-olds. Youth is boring.

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