J.J. Martin's genius online vintage shop-cum-editorial goodness, La DoubleJ. Think: curated vintage finds mixed with spot-on new designer pieces photographed on Martin's chicest Milanese friends (aka Great, Gorgeous Girls, Legendary Ladies and Milanese culturati).

And with copy like this "Illustrator Liselotte Watkins is a Nordic-Inspired antidote to Milanese propriety," the site is more than just a pretty face. You actually want to read every. single. word. (via Keep it Chic.)

Commune's brilliant work on Irene Neuwrith's new L.A. shop.

Justin Chung's inside look at "lives, spaces and stories of creative individuals." I'm not gonna lie, I never get tired of the whole voyeuristic peek into studios/homes of designers, artists and the like.. Let's just say it's my Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The cozy zone that is Zara's long knitted cardigan...

Athena Calderone's cheese plate as Flemish still life over at The Line

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