Some Scenes...From The Week

In the  midst of "House Spruce 2014," I managed to start plowing through that neglected stack of reading material mocking me in the corner of my bedroom. My friends Shayna and Brittany just knocked this shoot out of the park for Patron Magazine

Sorry friends, I'm subjecting you to a selfie to prove a point to my lovely daughter Audrey. "Aud, see I don't always wear makeup. In fact, sometimes I don't wear it and then I take a picture of my face in natural light and put in on the Internet." (Clearly I lost a bet. Oy vey. Carry on.)

The past week was a flurry picking paint colors, having curtains installed, and sourcing rugs/art/accessories/furnishings et al. for clients; getting my organize on in the studio (that photo above); getting the girls through their first week at school; and trying to cobble together a birthday celebration for Audrey (she's turning 11 friends...11! can you believe?!). Suffice to say, it was a flurry-o-productivity.

But here's the thing, all the gettin' it done at work and with girlies has left my own casa in a state of serious disarray. My curtains are sad; my paint is scuffed; the furniture is caddywhompus; there are boxes in corners (hanging out the the dust bunnies); and wilted, dying cuttings are gracing my vases. My house is in a bad way. It's the cobbler's shoes friends.

So I took advantage of the three-day weekend and labored on Labor Day. I arranged and tweaked and magic erased and just generally prettified. (I also partook in hamburgers and ice cream and margaritas and some frolicking in the pool with the girlies and Bryan -- it wasn't all labor.) There's more to do -- my curtains are still sad, and several rooms need new paint like the deserts need the rain, but just a little focused attention on the home front made a surprisingly big impact. And boy it felt good (almost as good as margaritas and pool time). I wish I could be one of those people who could just let it go at home, but I'm just not wired that way. I'm better all around when my own house is in order.

Who's with me?


Emily said...

Exactly. Can't function if my surroundings are out of order. Even as a child, I had to clean my room before I could do my homework there.
Also, your selfie sans makeup?

UrbanChiqueNess said...

I hear ya..I need order and I try not to let it interrupt my life. Not always successful. Looks gorgeous my friend. x

Kim said...

Totally with you! I am my best self when my house is clean, well organized and pretty. Speaking of... you look just as pretty without makeup! :)

Rachael said...

A belated reply, but you look beautiful without makeup!