Some Scenes... From The Weekend

The best. popsicles. ever.

Sam's envy-inducing new rug...

My string set up...

Millie hanging at the studio with her cookie doppelgänger...

We're in the midst of a string of installs at the studio that have had me racing around town, blowing through my days, wishing for a couple of extra hours (or even a clutch of extra minutes) to cross a few more things off the "to do" list. It's a bit of a frenetic scene friends.

Clearly some macramé is in order.

I mean really, what's more meditative than four hours of heads-down knotting? So, I channeled my Summer of Self Improvement days, and spent the better part of Saturday macraméing my way toward inner peace (or at least so focused on not creating a tangled mess that I, well, didn't think about anything else).

The not thinking about anything else... definitely a good thing. Full stop.

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