Some Scenes... From The Week

New brass goodies.

Audrey's class getting their learn on at the Capitol.

Pretty light at the studio.

A client's new entry...

and bookshelves...

and sundry other "moments."

More field trip goodness.

Mother's Day blooms.

A margarita taste-off.

I blinked, and this week was gone. The Cinco de Mayo margarita taste-off at the studio, the client install on Wednesday, the school field trip to Austin on Friday (there and back on the same day, oy vey), the Mother's Day goodness -- all a blur. (Wait, maybe it was a prolonged byproduct of the aforementioned margarita taste-off...)

Reason notwithstanding, this "life flying by at lightning speed" situation is seriously freaking me out. My girlies are big, friends. They are slipping away. I can feel it. I want to stop the clock -- I want to block out the distractions and listen, you know, all present and whatnot.

I need to put down my iPhone and get with the program, stat. Wish me luck.