Some (Very Late) Scenes...From The Week

A snippet from our Thrift Studio vignette... more to come soon. Stay tuned.

Millie and Wil hanging out sans mamas

Last week we were all about installing our vignette space for Dwell With Dignity's fantastic Thrift Studio event (so excited to be a part of this amazing organization), which, I'm not gonna lie, was a bit of an epic undertaking. So, by Friday, I was in serious need of a little downtime. Truth be told, I've been in need of a little mama downtime for a while... It's easily been two years since I've gone away on any sort of girlfriend trip -- you know, the kind where you can chat it up with your homies, imbibe a bit, and (essential to the whole operation) not be needed by anyone.

So a two-day excursion with Sam and our friend Sarah to Round Top for the annual spring bacchanal-o-antiques really couldn't have come at a better time. And we were prepared friends -- stacks of magazines, fully charged phones primed for pinning, ample car snacks, tunes -- primed and ready for all the treasures awaiting us in the dusty fields. Watch out.

The trip did not disappoint, as we came home toting some serious collective goodness. The high points of which included: a big stack of Turkish towels (all); brass urns, ink drawings, pottery, and a kilim rug (me); more art, a killer marble sink, and an insanely beautiful slab of petrified wood (Sam); even more art and a snowy white cowhide rug (Sarah).

Never mind that the adventure also included getting trapped inside a small town Wal Mart during a monster hail storm (we made the best of it by giving ourselves manicures at the customer service desk), two massive steak dinners, a stolen piece of art (never fear, it was an accident and we promptly went back and paid for it), and an iPhone being hurled out the car window as we sped down the highway (don't ask).

Worth it? You bet.

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