Some Scenes From The Week...

Last week was a mash up of office organizing (my sample closet is a thing of beauty friends), a little fun with fabric paint, rock shopping, final preparations for Thrift Studio, a very, very early morning news appearance that had Sam and me waking at the altogether ungodly hour of 3:15 a.m., and a big DIY-heavy install at the Galleria Dallas (which happened to occur right after the very, very early morning news appearance.) Let's just say I was not my most bright and shiny and leave it at that, ok?

Post said appearance + install, I hopped in the car with the fam and made the trek down to Austin for Audrey's Destination Imagination team (a very cool nationwide program) to compete at state. In between the mixers and the challenges and the general pint-sized creative goodness, we managed to nosh some tacos, hit Spartan and JM Dry Goods, and squeeze in some bonding time with my college bff and her hubby and girlies. Alas Audrey's team didn't make it to Nationals (the top five teams go and they placed sixth...heart-breaking), but the experience was invaluable. Once she made it past the anger and sadness, we were ripe for some "why losing is sometimes a (really) good thing" action, followed by some (equally essential) Amy's ice cream action.

She seemed to emerge from the whole enterprise happy and generally unscathed. I'd like to think it was my wise words, but it was probably the ice cream...

Shit, who am I kidding. It was definitely the ice cream.

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