Some Scenes...From The Week

I've been out seemingly non-stop over the past week sourcing pieces for a cache of projects and just, well, checking out the goods. And friends, the goods are rather stellar of late... Especially the gorgeous handmade weavings and dream catchers at TENOVERSIX and the killer pottery and art and just general vintage goodness at Vieux.

In between combing the city for rockin' finds, we managed to have buddies over for dinner two nights in a row (a major accomplishment given our sad entertaining/social life in general track record of late), and I finally plowed through the daunting stack of magazine that had taken up residence in the corner of my room. (Hey it's rough, but somebody had to do it.)

Goodness all around.

Hope your weekend was splendid.


second floor dweller said...

I like a good magazine gorge every once in awhile as well. The dining room color is perfect.

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Beautiful finds!

Jessica said...

Love that Bonjour Tristesse print. One of my favorite books.

Kim said...

Tell us about your fantastic shoes?

Joslyn said...

Kim -- zara ;-)