Some Scenes From The Week...

Whattya say we do the past few days in numbers? Here goes...

  • 2 days of beautifying at incredibly chic buddy (and former Tiny Dallas cohort) Sunny's house.
  • 17 pieces of pottery now gracing Sunny's new travertine coffee table.
  • 1 massive, insanely pretty orchid plant scored at the grocery store.
  • 2 cocktails on a Friday afternoon to ring in the weekend.
  • 5 tamales at Sam's "house cooling" party on Saturday.
  • 3 sneaky fairies leaving treasures on my front porch.
  • 3 final episodes of House of Cards consumed like it was my job.
  • 4 rested (relatively speaking) ready for the week ahead.

Hope your weekend was splendid friends.


Unknown said...

I love the pottery in the 2nd from last photo, I have just renovated a unit which is sitting in my living room waiting to be adorned with lovely things.

allison said...

i love the pink rocks in the golden bowl- can i ask where you found them? they are dreamy!

Unknown said...

ah! just another reminder that i don't have enough pottery in my life...or that i should be hanging out more with you and your friends! ;)


Joslyn said...

Hi Allison!
They are salt rocks from Nicholson Hardie on Lovers Lane.

Lakshmi said...

A-Ha! Attempting to pass off a series of bullet points as a real post - no way! Please, please, please write a real post, like how you used to... a long time ago!



Lakshmi said...

I love that you don't publish DIY tutorials nor do you push products or services. Love reading about your various fun projects, kids' adventures, pretty picks, etc. So please write... :) We are reading!