Loving...On A Thursday

The oft-pinned (but for good reason) studio tour of Canadian clothing line, Horses Atelier via Flare magazine. That inspiration board, those perfect snakeskin pumps... Sigh.

And can we just pause for a second on Horses' silk track pant goodness? I have a similar pair from Splendid, and I love them. Love.

The adorable LOLA -- a blog about "seeing the world and connecting with other cultures, repurposing, books, inspiring women, being self-sufficient, good manners, and (among other equally cool + important things) simply loving life." Audrey and I are diving into this one together and thoroughly enjoying it...

Heather's fantastic site redesign. Well done friend!

Then there's the loveliness that is the SS14 Bottega Veneta campaign shot by South African photographer Pieter Hugo... The setting, the clothing, the styling -- all of it, perfection.

And last but not least, Karina's stunning "Forage." I'm a huge fan of Karina's work, and reading her blog, for me, is like taking a giant restorative deep breath. It's just goodness.


melissa loves said...

Oh my....those pants. that dress. love......:)

Heather Taylor said...

You are awesome! Love this list, as always xo

Unknown said...

i shall, truthfully...have to blame you and your marvelous taste!! for planting the bad seed... :))
*see below*


Joslyn said...

Jane -- you are rocking that jumpsuit. if I only had the nerve to actually go there.