Some Scenes From An Install...

The few weeks I've been heads down on a fun install for work that had me getting my DIY on...big time. We were all up in paint, nails, string, washi tape, map pins, and, wait for it... compostable plates and bowls (inspired by this goodness spotted on Remodelista). There was also a healthy amount of schlepping, hauling, unpacking, packing, unrolling, hanging, moving, and fluffing -- all while nursing a not so fun post-flu sinus infection.

And, despite the mountains of tissues and fistful of Advil's I consumed, I had a total and complete blast. There's just something about working alongside people that you (really) dig to make things ...with your hands that really can't be topped.

I love my job. 


molly lubs tompkins said...

oh joslyn, the install with compostable plates and bowls is beautiful. and you do have a dream job!

justine said...

Beautiful! I would love to hear your story on your switch from corporate to creative!