Paris In Three Parts (Parks, Recreation, and The World's Most Beautiful Cemetery)

In my last of the Paris posts, I again revel at the fortitude of my children. This time in matters of weather, as they ran, jumped, hopped, see sawed, and slid through seemingly ever park on Paris...in the frigid cold and misty rain...with nary a complaint. Never mind the fact that if the temperature dips below 70 in Dallas, Audrey has you believing we're in the eye of the polar vortex. (She's a drama queen, that one.) Bring the kid to Paris, apparently, and the world can do no wrong.

Or maybe a child's attraction to easily accessible, interesting, creative play spaces will squash even the smallest kernel of complain. Hear that America? Bring on the parks. Stat.

Also blowing my mind, the four hours spent at Père Lachaise Cemetery on Christmas Day. It was the ultimate history lesson... We parked the kiddos in front of the resting places of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, Amedeo Modigliani, et al. and then gave a little spiel about why each artist/writer/musician was so, well, kick ass. We even pulled up some tunes to further excite them about Mr. Morrison and Ms. Piaf. They were entranced. So much so that Millie has declared if her firstborn is a girl she shall be named Edith (her exact words). 

It was by far the oddest, most memorable, and, quite frankly, most magical Christmas we've ever had. Pure goodness.


Wondering Helen said...

What did you pack?! What did you wear?! I love a good travel style post, and I'm dying to see you in all your chic-ness.

Also, your girlies are stunning.


Di said...

The photos are lovely! Such as sad story about Modigliani and Jeanne. I saw an exhibition of his work in Switzerland last year and I admit he is one of my favourite artists.

As for parks, there seem to be little play parks - pocket parks we call them - all over Paris.

Lindsay Ross said...

Your daughters are so lucky to have parents who teach them to love and appreciate art. I'm forever grateful to my parents for doing the same, despite my sisters' and my occasional museum meltdowns. Such a beautiful way to celebrate Christmas.

Jo Harper said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person enchanted by European cemeteries! I know this is so weird, but if you ever go to Florence you must go to San Miniato al Monte which sits above Piazzale Michelangelo--it's a tiny cemetery in comparison to Pere Lachaise, but it's silent and gorgeous. My Italian prof told me I couldn't miss it--he was right. I have pictures here (of course, they hardly do justice):

Also, glad to see they power-washed Oscar Wilde's headstone--when I saw it, it was covered in hundreds (thousands?) of lipstick kisses from visitors. (I observed, but did not contribute ...)

So glad you had fun on your trip and that you could take your girls! It'll undoubtedly stick with them for years to come.

(Also, I'm with H.M.--style post, please!)

Sheepskinsandfairylights said...

I know Paris well but you have shared some things I didn't know.
Been great to hear your enthusiasm.... & walking is the best way in Paris!
Thanks for sharing.....I have two recent posts on Paris with two more lined up, just waiting to be shared. Paris CAN NOT be done in one! Xxx