Paris In Three Parts (Da Vinci, Rodin, Brancusi. Oh My!)

We're four days home from our grand Paris adventure, and I'm finally back in the saddle and jet-lag-free (well relatively speaking...this time was a doozy friends -- let's just say that melatonin is my friend). So whattya say we break this action down? 

First up, the art. Oh the art...I'm still mind-blown, gobsmacked, awe-struck with the bounty-o-lovely that we encountered over the past two weeks. Though seasoned museum-goers, we knew the girlies (especially Millie) might get a little, ahem, fatigued if we overdid it, so we decided to hone in on a few spots and milk them for all we could. (Quality not quantity, right?) We settled on d'Orsay, the Louvre, the Rodin Museum, and the Brancusi Atelier. And while all four were stellar on every level, I had a nearly religious experience walking through the Italian Renaissance wing of the Louvre, and I still can't shake the Brancusi Atelier. Most. Beautiful. Art. Experience. Ever. Full stop.

On a practical level, here are my takeaways for those of you lovely peeps that may be pondering a trip to Paris. 

1.) Get a Paris Museum Pass. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. We sprung for a four-day pass that allowed unlimited museum visits for, yep, four consecutive days, bypassing all lines. It was worth it for the Louvre alone. We went on a Thursday, and the queue had an estimated 3-hour wait(!!). Those lucky peeps holding a museum pass (i.e. us), on the other hand, walked right in. No wait. Straight shot to all that Italian Renaissance goodness. Which leads me to... 

2.) Go to the Louvre. I know what you're thinking, "Umm, great tip Joslyn, doesn't everyone go to the freakin' Louvre when they visit Paris"? Well, not this gal. Bryan and I visited about a decade ago, and, daunted by the line (see #1), bailed. Truth be told without the aforementioned pass, I would have bailed this time too. I just can't see waiting in line for three hours for, well, anything. But having gone, I can honestly say it would have been worth the wait. It was just beyond. Really, no words.

Adding to the cultural goodness was the massive collection of art tomes in the apartment we rented. Based on my amateur detective work, I'm guessing said apartment owner is an art dealer. Let's just say I felt like the luckiest girl on earth. Heaven. 

Ok next up, sugar, slides, street walking, and the world's prettiest cemetery. (How's that for a teaser?) Stay tuned...

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Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i've been waiting for the recap, and now i am beside myself knowing there are more to come.

when we lived in paris for 4 months, our apartment was in the 2nd. we visited the lourve almost every other day, and we still didn't see every magnificent piece within. blows your mind.