Get Thee to Steven Alan Dallas this Sunday to Meet Clare Vivier

My regular readers will likely know of my (immense) love for all things Clare Vivier. (In fact, my husband has, on more than one occasion, recommend therapy due to my obsession with the L.A. designer's perfect clutches, totes, messengers, et al.)

I've also had the pleasure of getting to know Clare a bit via the interwebs, and she is even cooler than the chic bags she makes. Sadly, I won't get a chance to finally catch up with her in person, as we're trekking to Austin for my best friend's 40th birthday celebration this weekend (it's a birthday month!), but I'm planning to live vicariously through all you lovely Dallas peeps.

Here's the scoop. Clare will be at the Steven Alan store on Knox this Sunday from 1-5 p.m. visiting with shoppers and showing off her latest collection. In addition to chatting it up with Clare and knocking out your holiday shopping in one fell swoop, you can also get your purchases monogrammed... for free(!).

Buy a bag (or three) for me... well not literally for me, you know what I mean ;-)

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