Some Scenes...

Friends, there was art. Not a lot mind you. We didn't accomplish the museum trifecta that I was dreaming of, but Audrey and I did manage to spend a couple of hours bumming around the Dallas Contemporary with Janet and Henry. It was a jump start to what I'm hoping is (lots) more museum action in our future.

Aside from the art goodness, we hosted a little dinner party Saturday for six friends we've known since we moved to Dallas, and partook in some (insanely) good mushroom risotto last night at Kate and David's house. And in other snaps, last week it was photo shoot central around the studio, with two fun little projects (one of which was with this rockin' lady) that required we actually, you know, brush our hair. (Really it's me who has the hair brushing issue... Sam has stellar hair, and she brushes it on a regular basis. Me, well, not so much.)

Hope your weekend was splendid!