Some Scenes... (On A Tuesday)

I'm a little behind on the "scenes" this week... In fact "behind" could be my overarching theme for the past several days...

Thanksgiving groceries purchased? Nope. Deadlines met? No sirree. E-mails answered? Phone calls returned? That would be a big, fat no and no. Oh and I totally forgot a breakfast date with my best friend this morning and a dermatologist appointment I had booked this afternoon.

I'd like to blame all this missing the mark on an"on the cusp of 40" ailing memory or the fact that we're in the thick of two installs at work and both Bryan's mom and my dad have surgeries this week. But I'm eschewing the blame game and just embracing that sometimes you just get, well, behind. And forgetful.

Given that we're in the week-o-gratitude, I might even allow myself to be thankful for all the crazy. After all, it's the crazy that makes the calm, totally "on it" moments seem so darn good, yes?


jen said...

Plus, you have the crazy because you have a full, busy life filled with people that you care about. Life would be a lot calmer if you lived by yourself in a cave, but much less fun, yes?

Joslyn said...

yes!!! you nailed it!