Loving...On A Friday

Halloween festivities have conspired to throw me off my game this week, and whattya know, turns out it's already Friday. But I can't let a week pass without my loving list. Just too much goodness out there that's just begging to be shared, like, say all things Axel Vervoordt...

He is just brilliant in every way -- a total master of poetic, achingly lovely spaces filled with sparse, chiaroscuro-laden moments of pure, unadulterated beauty. Axel, I love you. Full stop. (Top image via Bon Voyage Magazine; bottom image via Mark D Sikes.)

And speaking of pure, unadulterated beauty, there's also the matter of Camille Miceli's jewelery creations for Dior. Fantastic, yes? (Image via Vogue Italia.) 

I'm also rather smitten with Danish graphic designer and artist Kristina Krogh's latest work. Stunning.

And then there's this sartorial action spotted over on Garance...The sort of fluted midi skirt and those high ankle boots paired with a moto jacket just feel fresh to me in every way. The perfect fall outfit.

And because going full circle just feels right on this lovely Friday, let's tie this business up with Axel V's kindred spirit, Belgian designer Michael Verheyden.

Per the NYT:

"Using basic geometries and the most elemental of materials, the Belgian designer Michael Verheyden creates objects of sublime beauty and remarkable spiritual power. Finds transcendence in simplicity."

Umm, yes, please.

Have a splendid weekend friends!

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Unknown said...

love this post! i was just in nyc...the midi skirt/dress etc is the thing!