Some Scenes From The Weekend: DallasSITES Edition (i.e. An Ode To My Rock Star Friends)

One of the major high points of the weekend was a visit to DallasSITES at the DMA with my BFF from college, our hubbies, and our gaggle-o-kiddos. The exhibition is actually made up of two different shows, Charting Contemporary Art, 1963 to Present, which examines the moments, people, and organizations that helped shape Dallas' relationship with contemporary art by looking back at fifty years of works, and a companion show titled Available Space, exploring the current state of contemporary art in North Texas through the works of local artists, curators, collectives, and art educators. 

With thought-provoking works, unique programming, and innovative projects, the whole enterprise is really spectacular in every way. But the best part? Four of my insanely talented friends are playing a key role in all this awesomeness.

First there's my sometimes partner in crime and Goddess of motherhood, art, and just general awe-inspiring amazingness, Lucia Simek, who worked with her art collective, The Art Foundation, to organize Boom Town, an exhibition within Available Space featuring works that describes the various networks – political, economical, geographical, social, and historical – that shape our city’s current cultural climate. It is brilliant. Full stop.

Then there's the Oil and Cotton Project Room, a sort of satellite location of the genius Oak Cliff art studio founded by my friends Shannon Driscoll and Kayli House Cusick, featuring free workshops, events, and activities that explore process, material, and art making for all. My crew parked in that room on Saturday and spent over an hour weaving, making felt art, and just generally being blissed out. It was so fun to see my friends' talents and aesthetic sensibilities feel just as at home inside a slick museum as it does in their groovy neighborhood art studio.

And last but not least there's the matter of the lovely and amazing Sam and the fact that the brilliant studio that she founded and oversees, Swoon, was responsible for designing the Charting Contemporary Art, 1963 to Present exhibit as well as a second exhibit titled, Hotel Texas: An Art Exhibition for the President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy.

You brilliant, creative, inspiring ladies rock my world. I am so proud of you...I want to be you when I grow up. Just sayin.

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