Scenes From Marfa -- Part Two

As promised, herewith a few more snaps from our West Texas adventure.... A few items of note:

  1. The house we rented was this beauty featured in Domino way back when. It was very cool, very industrial and open and just sort of groovy -- totally different from my normal casa, which only heightened that whole sense of "getting away."
  2. During our four days in said house, two strangers walked in asking "if the gallery was open" and a fetching Australian girl popped by wondering if we were the bike rental place. (Not surprising, I suppose, given the third photo from the bottom. Let's just say we were a bike crazy crew.)
  3. Yes, in the third photo I am cruising through town with a tumbleweed. I like tumbleweeds. Don't judge.
  4. Dosa's (utterly amazing) Christina Kim recently took over the beautiful Marfa shop Tienda M, and it is stunning in every way. Christina Kim is a styling genius friends. (See photos four and seven.) Styling. Genius.
  5. There is a beautiful older German woman who sells the most exquisite homemade pastries and chocolates and bread and yogurt at the Marfa farmer's market on Saturdays. She is just beyond lovely in every way. Ever since arriving home, I've been having daydreams involving moving my crew to Marfa and convincing her to teach me how to become a baking rock star. Just sayin'.
  6. The Bryan Adams "Exposed" exhibit at the Marfa Contemporary (the photo of Kate Moss in this post and Queen Elizabeth II in the last) was amazing.


JanjaBe said...

Well I certainly won't judge... Tumble weeds could be very interesting accessories...
But please oh please wear a helmet when you cruise. Life as you know it can change immeasurably in just seconds with a head injury.
Love you - just want to keep you and your littles safe and you're a role model for many.

Joslyn said...

you are so right!!! thank you for the reminder.

avs said...