Inspired By: Karen Kimmel (+ A Winner)

It feels especially appropriate that I'm typing this from our little rental house in Marfa, which I can without a doubt say is my ne plus ultra in terms of inspiring places. The minute we hit the mountain ringed desert dotted with cacti, I go into a state of total relaxation. All the stress and do to lists and frustrations forgotten, the freshly cleared space in my brain waiting to be filled up with schemes and dreams and projects. It's just wholly restorative in every way.

Ok, so now on to the subject of this week's inspired by post, the insanely creative and cool Karen Kimmel. I was planning to wax all poetic about the Los Angeles-based artist, designer, and consultant; I was going to gush about her craft kits and workshops and fawn over her beyond genius Crafting Community. But instead I'll just say this: I want to come back as Karen in my next life. Full stop. I'll also say that I think Karen should do a Crafting Community weekend here in the high Chihuahuan desert. We could set up shop at El Cosmico and get our make on. Whattya say Karen?

Without further ado, herewith nine things inspiring Karen Kimmel. Enjoy!

  1. Nature. In all of its manifestations, nature is a seemingly endless world of inspiration. It's finest of details coupled with its grand gestures is forever humbling.
  2. Ikebana. Combining nature, grace, and simplicity, Ikebana is flower arranging as a minimalist gesture.
  3. Art Supplies. Good art supplies in general are where it all starts. Good raw materials help set the tone for any good idea.
  4. California Craft Movement. The resurgence of the craft influence in design and art owes so much to the American Craft Movement of in the 60's-80's which was centered here in CA. Morgan Peck and Heather Levine are two examples of the talented contemporary artists that continue to build and add to California's rich Arts and Craft history.
  5. Our Crafting Community Artists. The artists we get to collaborate and work with at Crafting Community. Putting an event as massive as Crafting Community together has many rewards, but few are as great as collaborating with our peers, friends and heroes from the art and design world. Working with artisans like Tanya AguiƱiga, Rene Holguin and Rachel Craven is such a treat, and getting to share that inspiration with the families that attend the weekend is the icing on the cake.
  6. Minimal Art. Minimalism gets me every time, saying it simply is often not so simple.
  7. Design in Sport. Working with Nike has given me such insight into the how design, technology and functionality merge to tell one story. Design you can wear, I can't get enough!
  8. The Team At The Studio. Working with this gaggle of girls at the studio makes Monday mornings less scary. A girl gang with no drama and badass ideas, that is pretty inspiring indeed. We need leather jackets!
  9. Family. Simply stated, family is everything.

And last but not least, the winner of Karina Bania's gorgeous painting is Jennifer. Congrats! (You made me want to go foraging...stat.)

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